Let’s Finally Face the Authenticity Dilemma… And Unlock Our Full Potential!

05 October 2022 12:45 till 13:30 - Location: Kronigzaal - First floor of building 58 | Add to my calendar

with Paulien Herder and Bertus Beaumont


The dean (Paulien Herder) and diversity officer (Bertus Beaumont) invite all staff, students and guests of the faculty, and others from the TU Delft community, to an interactive panel/audience lunch conversation to explore a long-lasting dilemma that unnecessarily limits our professional impact and wellbeing, and the ability of the faculty to meet an important societal responsibility.

We are a vibrant, open community of talented people with a mission. Nonetheless, we all sometimes struggle to apply our talent in an enjoyable and effective way. And what’s more, regardless of talent, some of us have to struggle harder than others to succeed in our faculty. The good news is that much of this is avoidable.

Our struggling and inequality often involve low levels of social safety and inclusion, which prevent us from asking questions, speaking out and collectively discovering effective solutions. The faculty aspires to improve this, but this ambition confronts all of us with a dilemma: We can help others and ourselves by being more authentic and open, but we fear the negative consequences of violating the (implicit) conventions that are set by the current levels of social safety.

In this interactive panel/audience conversation, we will openly explore this catch-22 and its influence on our wellbeing and impact, and look for possible solutions.

Target Group
Everyone from the TU Delft community is welcome (students, staff, and alumnae).

Type of Event
(Panel) Debate - Dialogue

Food and/or Drinks
Lunch will be provided.

Registration Link
Click here to register.

Accessible to all.