Symposium: Design/Synthesis Exercise

23 June 2022 09:00 till 18:00 - By: Webredactie-LR | Add to my calendar

Join us on June 23rd for the closing of the Design/Synthesis Exercise!

To finalise their bachelor programme third-year bachelor’s students at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering are required to collaborate in groups of ten students in a period of ten weeks to make a design in the field of aviation, space, earth observation or related field. During the project, students go through the complete design process, from drawing up a program of demands, concept analysis and design, concept selection to the presentation of the final design.

During this one-day symposium all design groups will present their results and the presentations will be judged by a jury of national and international experts. The presentations will also be live-streamed.

The program for the symposium is as follows:


Lecture Room A
Stream A

Lecture Room B
Stream B

Lecture Room C
Stream C

Lecture Room D
Stream D

Chair ir. Joris Melkert Erwin Mooij ir. Jos Sinke / Carlos Ferreira Otto Bergsma / dr. Marilena Pavel
9:30 Regional transport aircraft with regenerative propulsion (group 7) Cryogenic H2 and O2 Propellant transfer & refuelling infrastructure in Space (group 8) DroneCrane (group 19) Flying Through Urban Turbulence: A Weather-Rugged Vehicle for Urban Air Mobility (group 5)
10:15 Red Air Drone - Supersonic, low observable military training aid (group 25) Space Sweeper (group 13) Sustainable deployment of ecomonitoring sensor networks (group 6) Heavier Than Air Fast Hydrogen Seagoing Airship (group 21)
11:00 100% sustainable Urban Air Mobility Vehicle: guilt-free flying! (group 24) Could there be life on Venus? (group 16) Air-guard: an agile bio-inspired morphing UAV for carching unlicensed drones (group 26) Aerobatic E Flyer (group 20)
11:45 The ultra-efficient hybrid aircraft (group 3) Small satellites for aerodynamics (group 17) Sustainable Air taxi (group 18) Emergency communications node (group 22)
12:30 Lunch break
13:15 Kite power on an electric pickup truck (group 15) Cubesat mission for measurement in VLEO (group 9) Autonomous quiet aerial surveillance system for protecting wildlife and environment (group 11) Autonomous Environmental Sensing (group 4)
14:00 Wings for Aid (group 12) A distributed space network for asteroid exploration (group 23) A320-H3N (group 10) Cutting edge low-emission low-noise aircraft (group 1)
14:45 ArctEvac (group 14) x x Swarm of Inspection Drones (group 2)
15:30 Reception
16:30 Award ceremony
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