TPM AI Lab Luncheon - 4 October

04 October 2022 12:00 till 13:00 | Add to my calendar

On the 4th of October, from 12:00 to 13:00 the TPM AI lab will have a luncheon on "AI Coach: A Safety Coach to enhance the quality of care and patient safety".

AI Coach: A Safety Coach to enhance the quality of care and patient safety

Patient safety can be ensured by incorporating technology and team work. In order to be successful, it is important that all members of the team have shared understanding of the medical situation in terms of diagnosis or plan of action. Neonatal care is considered to be vital as it can have life-lasting impact on the baby. Therefore, we aim to design an AICoach, who will use behavioral and situational data of the individuals in a delivery room, and will analyze the situation through ā€˜Shared Mental Modelsā€™. The aim is to provide support or intervention if required. This coach will not only facilitate the ā€˜just cultureā€™, but also improve the patient care through ā€˜organizational learningā€™.

Presented by Fakhra Jabeen and Shaney Doornkamp.

Fakhra Jabeen is a Postdoc Researcher, who recently completed her PhD in Computational Neuroscience. She has experience with agent-based modeling and data analytics. She modeled different human behaviors and validated them using natural language processing and various machine learning techniques. She aims to build an AI coach who can promote patient care and safety based on the computational models, that are designed for the purpose. Her other interests include studying different communication patterns or behaviors in a team, for instance during student supervision or teaching.

Shaney Doornkamp is a researcher, who recently graduated in masters in Phycology. She has keen interest in modeling behaviors based on human psychology. Her other interests include studying economic and financial behaviors.

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