TPM-GS seminar 'Stories from Supervisors'

05 December 2022 10:30 till 12:30 | Add to my calendar

In December, the TU Graduate school celebrates its 10th anniversary.
In the first week of December, the TU Graduate school will organise various activities to mark this anniversary. On Monday December 5th, there will be events at the faculties of our university.

The seminar consists of two parts:

  1. Four TPM-supervisors, Zofia Lukszo, Roland Ortt, Sabine Roeser, and Martijn Warnier, will tell a story about a defining moment in their early research career. This could be a story about something that went differently than planned, went completely wrong, or came their way entirely unexpectedly. After that, we will have a conversation with them about what to learn from the stories. 
  2. We invite you to record a short video in which you answer the question 'Why I am doing my PhD at TPM'. As PhD researchers, you have many discussions with each other and your supervisors about the content of our research - about what we do. Less often it is about the why of our research - why did you choose to do a PhD at TPM?  

The purpose of the video is to convey your enthusiasm about doing a PhD at TPM, in a way that can also enthuse and inspire others. During the seminar, we will show these videos, or a selection of these videos (depending on the number of submissions).

PhD council members will visit your offices to record these videos. Those who join this initiative will get a free donut!

You are also welcome to send us your video clip if you would like to submit a video, but cannot be at the office on (Date). Please e-mail your video clip to TBM-MS PHD Council before 18th November 2022.