Gasolina - Dance Party

24 June 2022 19:30 till 23:59 - By: Communication | Add to my calendar

In collaboration with SoSalsa, Blue Suede Shoes and Dynamic, we are hosting an end of the year Dance Party. The event will consist of dance workshops on different dance styles and an after party. Come and join us and put your moves to the test!

From 19:30 – 21:30, multiple workshops will be held in different spaces of the culture building with a first come first serve basis. You will have the opportunity to choose on the spot between styles such as Reggeaton, Chacha, Dancehall and Bachata for a one hour session.
Afterwards, different rooms with different music styles will let you put your moves to the test in an after party in the culture building.

Come have a drink and dance the end of the school year away in a multi style dance party!


Friday 24/06 | 19:30 – 23:59 |Culture Building in X | X subscription holders: €2,-, employees €7,-, others: € 7,-

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