Midterm colloquium Rick van den Brink

01 February 2023 16:05 till 16:25 - Location: instruction room g, 3me - By: DCSC | Add to my calendar

"Control of a thermal actuator-based autofocus mechanism for microscopy"

Access to accurate and rapid diagnosis is limited in many regions, leading to untreated illnesses and poor quality of life and premature deaths. In order to improve global health and reduce inequality, accessible diagnosis is crucial.
Microscopy is commonly used to analyse pathology slides for diagnosis of illnesses and to better understand disease processes. Currently, the diagnoses is mostly manually. There are several issues inherent to manual operation of the microscope for the diagnosis of different illnesses. It is labour intensive, highly subjective and sensitive to human errors. Therefore, AiDx Medical is developing a low-cost, automated diagnostic microscope with reliable and rapid AI-assisted detection.
In order to detect parasitic diseases such as malaria, a higher resolution is necessary. This requires the implementation of higher numerical aperture objective lenses, which decreases the depth of field. Due to the depreciation of the depth of field the mechanical resolution of the system has to be improved to still be able to obtain an in focus image. In this work a thermal actuator is developed and implemented using a passive autofocus approach to achieve fine focus of the microscope.

Prof.dr.ir. M. Verhaegen, Prof.dr. G. Vdovin and Dr. T. Agbana