My Word is My Bond: Demagogues, Oratory, and Populism in Modern Politics

23 February 2023 19:30 till 21:00 - Location: AULA, VAN HASSELTZAAL | Add to my calendar

Politics today seems to place an ever-increasing emphasis on the ability of politicians to rile up a crowd with bold words and big promises. What will be the effects of increasing populism on our Democracy?

Join us as we start a discussion of the history and practice of populism, as well as discuss some recent examples in the Netherlands, in Europe, and abroad.

After a presentation by dr. Dario Fazzi, the TU Delft Debating Club will also be offering a workshop on rhetoric and the art of speaking to crowds, where everyone is welcome to practice their speeching skills to become a true demagogue themselves.

All are invited to join us for an evening of thought-provoking discussion and speaking games designed to bring out the micro-demagogue in all of us.

Organised by: TU Delft Debating Club in collaboration with SG