SG Academy: Is Chatgpt Going to Kill Creativity?

14 February 2023 12:40 till 13:30 - Location: TU Delft Library, Steve Jobs Room | Add to my calendar

What do we really want from AI? Is it to make our lives easier, so that we have more time for creative endeavors? Tools like ChatGTP and DALL-E do the opposite: they take over the job of being creative (one in text, one in images), so that humans have more time for boring things.

There are many issues to unpack here, like ownership, authorship, beauty, and creativity. Or academic honesty and checking for cheating or fraud. What will happen if we can no longer determine whether an essay, a cover letter, or an abstract image was created by a human or a machine? How will that affect learning, grading? How does it impact employment for artists and other creative professionals and the way we reward creativity?

Bring your thoughts and join us for this open discussion!

The SG Academy is a small discussion group open to all. Be sure to sign up on time as space is limited!

Organised by: Studium Generale. Image Credit: Dall-E.