Reflection Lab | Grip on Reflection | 4 April

04 April 2023 11:00 till 12:30 - Location: IDE-studio 16, Building 32,1B. S16. - By: Reflective Engineer | Add to my calendar

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When. Tuesday 4 April
Where. IDE-Studio 16, Building 32,1B. S16
What. Module Grip on Reflection 11.00-12.30
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The Reflective Engineer Team invites you to the Reflection Lab...

Where condense experience and tools into hands-on modules for educational practitioners like you, to get familiar and experiment with reflection in your own educational context. 

Reflection is a core competence we need to teach, but how to make it applicable to your context and how to teach it is what you will work on in Reflection Lab.

The picture below shows the overview of the modules we have available so far:
1) Grip on Reflection,
2) Equipped with Reflection, and
3) Embedding Reflection.

Each module is made of two parts of 45 minutes. Joining only one or two modules is also possible. By joining these three modules in full, in consecutive order, you will:

  • Gain an outlook on reflection and pick an educational situation where you see a need for reflection emerge
  • Conceptualise an intervention, prototype, and experiment with your intervention
  • Optimise that prototype to improve the embedding of this innovation into your local system context.

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Please note that there is no fee or charge for these modules.

After registration, the team of Reflective Engineer will get in touch with you and share the materials.