Unite, Ignite, Explore: Shaping a Resilient Future Together at the Generation Delta Conference

30 November 2023 12:00 till 18:00 - Location: Fruitvis, Marconistraat 4, 2611AL Rotterdam, Nederland | Add to my calendar

Rising sea levels, a widening wealth gap, and the need for energy transition – challenges too great for any single generation to resolve alone. What if different generations, instead of simply passing the baton, combine their unique strengths at this very moment? At Resilient Delta we believe in the power of working collectively across disciplines and generations to create enduring change. Join us at the Generation Delta conference where we merge the extensive experience of seasoned experts with the fresh perspectives of the next generation of changemakers to help shape a collective legacy of resilience.

During the conference best-selling author Ruud Veltenaar and climate activist Aniek Moonen will guide you through the program. Their mission? To ensure you uncover fresh viewpoints and ignite insights that resonate with your unique personal and professional journey

The afternoon workshops are designed to unite diverse generations, with each participant contributing unique perspectives, expertise, and backgrounds. Whether you've been a part of the Resilient Delta community for years or are intrigued by our new collaborative approach, there's a workshop tailored just for you!

Explore our extensive network of academics, civil servants, global corporations, and external partners during the opening lunch and social mixer—this could be your chance to meet someone to collaborate with and amplify the impact of your efforts. Amidst the serious discussions, anticipate moments of laughter with Club Haug Comedian Alina Sharipova. We'll wrap up the day on a high note with a musical performance from Rotterdam-based Singer-Songwriter Nana M. Rose.

Visit our conference webpage for detailed information and register here to secure your spot among thought leaders, change-makers, and visionaries.
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12.00 - 13.00: Lunch: connect with likeminded individuals within our community committed to positive change

13.00 - 14.00: Opening Conference by climate activist Aniek Moonen and best-selling author Ruud Veltenaar

14:15 – 16:00: Workshops “Shaping a Resilient Future together”

  • Workshop: Unlock Your Potential as a Convergence Champion
    If you're new to our collaborative approach but eager to explore work that breaks traditional boundaries, this workshop is your entry point! Join us to discover what our “transdisciplinary” way of working is all about, how you can be part of our movement, and the exciting career prospects it opens up. Let this workshop be your first step towards a future filled with collaborative opportunities.
  • Workshop: Forge the Future - Create Your Convergence Consortium
    If the term "transdisciplinary" sounds familiar, since you've already dipped your toes into a project or two, this workshop is tailored to you. Gain practical tips, tools, and hear personal stories that will inspire you to create your own projects filled with experts from diverse fields. Ready to elevate your skills and turn your passion for collaboration into a concrete, impactful endeavor?
  • Workshop: Co-write a Convergence Future
    Are you already part of a convergence consortium and hungry for more? This workshop is your invitation to join us in exploring how we can make a bigger and lasting impact on society. Let's discuss where transdisciplinary work is headed, share your thoughts, and be part of a shared vision for creating positive societal impact. Come brainstorm with us, share what works well, and help shape plans for the future.

16.00 - 16.45: Panel discussion “Rotterdam of the future”

16.45 - 17.15: Festive closing

  • Closing words by directors Hans de Voogd and Arjan van Timmeren
  • Comedy Set Alina Sharipova - Club Haug

17.15 - 18.00: Social mixer, interactive innovation market and performance by Rotterdam singer-songwriter Nana M. Rose

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