Presentation Night

16 June 2023 18:45 till 22:30 - By: Communication | Add to my calendar

During Presentation Night, X will be transformed into a grand performing and visual arts festival. There are showcases, exhibitions and performances by the students from our various Arts & Crafts courses and ticket hours.

Students showcase what they’ve learned past quarters. Countless performances and a huge art exhibition spread throughout the whole culture-wing of X. Several culture associations are expected to make an appearance too. Come support your friends and check out all the amazing talent the TU Delft community has to offer!

Would you like to take the stage?
Then sign up with your teacher and join Presentation Night!

Enrolment to attend the event
Enrolment is not necessary. Stop by and enjoy all the performances spread all over the culture building.


Friday 16/06 | 18:45 – 22:30 | All over the culture wing | FREE!