Thanksgiving & Sinterklaas: Potluck & Kruidnoten Baking Workshop

23 November 2023 19:00 till 22:30 - By: Communication | Add to my calendar

During this cold season, we're embracing the spirit of celebration by blending the traditions of Thanksgiving and Sinterklaas. Join us for a delightful evening and learn about these festivities, get together with people over a potluck dinner, and bake delicious kruidnoten to add a touch of warmth to the gathering!

During this evening full of fun and feasting, a brief history lesson about Thanksgiving and Sinterklaas will set the stage for a shared potluck dinner. Each person will bring their best Thanksgiving dish to be shared and enjoyed by everyone! To spice things up, we'll engage in a lively 30 seconds game, exploring concepts from both holidays for an extra dose of knowledge and fun.

As the evening progresses, the talented baker, Kira Janki from More Pastry Delft, will take the stage. Join an interactive kruidnoten making and decorating workshop. For a sneak peek at their mouthwatering creations, check out their Instagram.

Moreover, we've got your back with some cozy options: coffee, tea, and hot chocolate will be on hand for all our awesome participants!

Get ready for a memorable evening of learning, laughter, and delicious treats!


Thursday 23/11 | 19:00 – 22:30 | Freetown Foyer & Kitchens | Students €1,5 Employees €2,4 Others €3,-