10 November 2017

Record performance of Dutch processed crystalline silicon solar cell

At the Dutch national PV conference "Sunday" in Bussum on the 8th of November 2017 Prof. Miro Zeman from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) presented a crystalline silicon solar cell with the conversion efficiency of 23.0%. This is the highest efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cell fully processed in The Netherlands.

09 November 2017

Peter Palensky (ESE) elected as IEEE IES AdCom Member-at-large

Peter Palensky was elected IEEE IES AdCom Member-at-large last week in Beijing. This is a 3-year appointment in the Administrative Committee of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.. With this role, he will be sitting at the centre of the most important IEEE journals, conferences, et cetera.

09 November 2017

Runner up for KNVI Young Talent Award in our Embedded Systems Group

Paul Marcelis, Msc. student in our Embedded Systems Group, has been awarded with a ‘silver’ Young Talent Award within the Computer Science category. Every year, professors in The Netherlands can send in Msc. theses of their students to KHMW. The KNVI (royal Dutch association for computer science professionals) reviewed all theses within the computer science category and selected Paul’s thesis as second best.

08 November 2017

SURF Education Award for Felienne Hermans

Felienne Hermans, docent Software Engineering, heeft vandaag een SURF Onderwijsaward ontvangen. SURF reikte tijdens haar Onderwijsdagen prijzen uit aan mensen die het verschil maken in onderwijsinnovatie. Hermans ontving de prijs in de categorie docenten voor haar inspanningen om studenten en kinderen te leren programmeren, en te onderzoeken hoe je dat het beste kunt doen.

07 November 2017

CloudCuddle winner of TedXAmsterdamWomen StartUp Award

01 November 2017

Best Master Thesis of EEMCS from Cyber Security Group

Leon Helsloot, a member of Zekeriya Erkin's (Cyber Security) group, graduated on 30 August with a 9.5 for his Master's thesis, Preserving Privacy through Cryptography in Online Behavioural Advertising. His thesis has been awarded with the title Best Master Thesis of EEMCS 2017.

27 October 2017

Save the date: launch of Delft Bioengineering Institute

From plug and play enzymes to bioconcrete and from DNA sequencing to biosensors: bioengineering is one of TU Delft’s fastest growing research fields. That will be evident when Delft Bioengineering Institute is officially launched on Tuesday, 27 March 2018.

25 October 2017

DESHIMA sees first light: a step closer to mapping the most distant star systems

DESHIMA is a completely new type of astronomical instrument with which a 3D map of the early universe can be constructed. In early October, Dutch and Japanese researchers installed the DESHIMA measurement instrument under the ASTE telescope in Chile. Over the past few days, DESHIMA has recorded light from an astronomical source for the first time. The development represents a significant milestone in the process of making the instrument operational.

25 October 2017

Stieltjesprijs 2016 awarded to Richard Kraaij (applied probability)

Every year, the Stichting Compositio Mathematica, awards the Stieltjesprijs for the best Dutch thesis. All Dutch theses automatically qualify for this award.

23 October 2017 supports five Delft Global Scholarships for women in technology

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) has announced plans to award five Delft Global Scholarships to outstanding female students from sub-Saharan Africa in 2018. The scholarships have been made possible by a donation to the Delft University Fund by Each scholarship will cover the full cost of a two-year Master of Science programme, including living expenses.