13 October 2017

Prestigious prizes for members of PVMD group at EUPVSEC

Fai Tong Si (PhD student) and Ronald van Schie (MSc student) of the research group Photovoltaic Materials and Devices (PVMD) have won the Best Student Award and the Best Poster Award, respectively, at the European solar cell conference (EUPVSEC) in Amsterdam in the field Silicon Photovoltaics.

09 October 2017

Climbing stairs, getting up from a low sofa and walking across an uneven surface, that was not a problem for paraplegic Ruben de Sain during the Cybathlon Experience on October 7, thanks to an exoskeleton, a supportive robotic suit, built by TU Delft students. The competition in Germany for bionic paraplegic athletes saw the students demonstrate the potential of an exoskeleton as an aid in daily life for people with paralysed legs.

04 October 2017

Inaugural speech Stephanie Wehner (QuTech)

Stephanie Wehner (QuTech) was appointed as an Antoni van Leeuwenhoek professor at the end of 2016 by the TU Delft. These chairs are intended for the promotion of bright young minds to professorships. Friday October 6th is the date of her inaugural speech in the auditorium.

03 October 2017

Alessandro Bozzon has won IBM 2017 Faculty Award

Alessandro Bozzon (Web Information Systems) has been awarded the IBM Faculty Award, in the section “Cognitive Computing and IoT” for his work on Enterprise Crowdsourcing developed in the context of the IBM-TU Delft CIC collaboration.

29 September 2017

Award for Mathematics Service Teaching during opening of Teaching Lab

The team that has spent the last three years working on introducing innovations in mathematics service teaching was put in the spotlight during the opening of the TU Delft Teaching Lab on 27 September by Anka Mulder, Vice-President for Education & Operations.

28 September 2017

New board Christiaan Huygens and Electrotechnische Vereeniging

In September 2017 the new board of study association Christiaan Huygens and Electrotechnische Vereeniging started. Both study associations represent the education and students of the EEMCS faculty.

26 September 2017

Blockchain. Building on a system of digital trust for Dutch society E-magazine Dutch Blockchain Coalition highlights opportunities and outstanding issues

Patient data that is safely sent from one hospital laboratory to another. Households that trade in energy. Smart contracts that ensure that freight consignments from container ships are efficiently transported on from the Rotterdam harbour via road, water and rail. The E-magazine published by the Dutch Blockchain Coalition today reveals how blockchain applications can help to realise further advances in our economy and society. At the same time the various articles and interviews also make it clear that a lot still needs to happen at the technical, societal and legal levels to ensure that blockchain becomes a reliable and future-proof exchange system. In the E-magazineyou can read about the coalitions' ambition, the action agenda that it is currently realising and the use cases that the coalition partners are working on. Some of the coalitions experts are interviewed about the importance of adequate legislation as well as the need for good communication about the impact of blockchain on our everyday lives.

22 September 2017

TU Delft and SUTD start collaboration on cutting-edge research projects in cyber security.

17 September 2017

Students Delft & Amsterdam win cycle race in USA and set new Dutch speed record

Cyclist Aniek Rooderkerken broke the Dutch speed record for women last Saturday, clocking 121.5 km/h to win the World Human-Powered Speed Challenge in the Nevada desert. In this competition for the most innovative cycles and riders from all over the world, Rooderkerken was riding the VeloX 7: a high-tech aerodynamic recumbent bike designed and built by the Human Power Team, a group of students from TU Delft and VU Amsterdam.

06 September 2017

Homebase Blockchain Coalition opened

On 4 September, the new ‘homebase’ (office) of the Blockchain Coalition was taken into use.