The IEPG group is active in national and international projects. Some of these projects are accessible by clicking on the project logos, while others are shown below with the project cards.

Current Projects


LIFE City Platform



Data Analytics for Enhanced Operation of Local Energy Systems from a Cyber-Physical-Social Perspective


Advanced Control for HVDC

Stable and Robust Advanced Control for Meshed Multi-Terminal HVDC Electrical Grids

PhD projects

Project name Researcher Status
Self-organizing Voltage Regulation in Distribution Grids Aihui Fu Ongoing
PMU Data-Driven Real-time Vulnerability Assessment of Power Systems with High Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources Aleksandar Boricic Ongoing
Cyber resiliency of power grid operational technologies Alfan Presekal Ongoing
COBRAcable research project: An expandable Point-to-Point (PtP) VSC-HVDC link Arcadio Perilla Finished
Offshore VSC-HVDC Networks - Impact on stability of AC transmission systems Arjen van der Meer Finished
Transmission expansion planning under increased uncertainties Ana Ciupuliga Finished
Real-time Digital Twin of Power Systems Arun Joseph Ongoing
Probabilistic Reliability analysis of electrical power systems Bart Tuinema Finished
Anomaly Detection in Complex Power Systems Chenguang Wang Ongoing
Co-simulation of Multi-area Power Systems Claudio Lopez Ongoing
Flexibility of Multi-energy Systems Digvijay Gusain Ongoing
EMT modelling and simulation of MW scale electrolysers Ebrahim Adabi Finished
Fast active power-frequency control to enable very high share of RES Elyas Rakhshani Finished
Decentralized Control for Renewable Energy Sources (INCITE) Hazem Abdelghany Ongoing
Transmission System Design with (E)HV Underground Cables Hossein Khalilnezhad Finished
Controlled Islanding and Out of Step Protection Ilya Tyuryukanov Ongoing
Fault Response of Transmission Systems with very High Penetration of Distributed Generation Jens Boemer Finished
PMU Modeling and Testing for Protection Studies Jose Chavez Muro Finished
Cyber-security - Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Kaikai Pan Finished
The Impact of Multi-terminal HVDC Grids on Transient Stability Lian Liu Finished
Integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems in Distribution Grids Marco Stecca Ongoing
Grid Code Complience of Large Scale Offshore Wind Parks Mario Ndreko Finished
Synchro-measurement Application Development Framework Matija Naglic Finished
HOPEs (High Operability of Massive Integrated Power Electronics - Transmission grids) Nakisa Farrokhseresht Ongoing
Real-Time Fault Detection and Classification using Synchro-phasor measurements for backup protection mitigating cascading outages in a medium voltage distribution Network  Nidarshan Veera Kumar Ongoing
Distortion Detection and Failure Anticipation Rishabh Bhandia Ongoing
Combined heat and power markets by double-sided auction mechanisms Roland Saur Ongoing
Modeling and performance of DC Circuit Breakers Siyuan Liu Finished
Risk-based security assessment of transmission line overloading considering spatio-temporal dependence of load and wind power using vine copula Swasti Khuntia Finished
Demand response for flood defense infrastructure in the Netherlands Ties v.d. Heijden Ongoing
Virtual Inertia using Hybrid Energy Storage Systems Umer Mushtaq Ongoing
Cyber Resilience of Power Systems Vetrivel S Rajkumar Ongoing
Assessment and Mitigation of Sub Synchrononous Resonance in Power Electronics Dominated Transmission Systems. Vinay Sewdien Ongoing
Hardware-in-the-loop test benches for grid integration of wind generators and electrolysers Zameer Ahmad Finished
Safe Real-World Exploration in Diversiļ¬ed Environments via Multilevel Simulators Qisong Yang Ongoing
Optimizing Urban Energy Systems through Coupling, Tariff Design and Investment Incentives Roman Hennig Ongoing
Cyber Security Monitoring and Vulnerability Assessment of Cyber-Physical Power Systems Yigu Liu Ongoing

Completed projects

Project name Contact person Funding source Start End
Euramet Marjan Popov EU Euramet 2015 2017
Cable Project Marjan Popov TenneT Research Progrem 2009 2018
GARPUR Jose Rueda EU FP7 2014 2018
COBRAcable Jose Rueda TenneT & EU PCI 2015 2019
MIGRATE Marjan PopovJose Rueda EU H2020-LCE6 2016 2019
URSES Marjan Popov NWO URSES 2014 2020
EriGrid Peter Palensky EU H2020-INFRAIA 2015 2020
PROMOTION  Marjan Popov EU H2020-LCE5 2016 2020
TSO2020 Jose Rueda EU CEF-SYNERGY 2017 2020
INCITE Han La Poutre EU Marie Curie H2020-ITN 2016 2019
HaPSISH Peter Palensky NWO ESI-POSE 2017 2021
EASY-RES Milos Cvetkovic, Aleksandra Lekic EU H2020-LCE-07 2018 2021