The PV Systems Summer School is completely focused on engineering and practical aspects of PV Systems. It features a series of fourteen 45-min long lectures (>10 hours of theory), given by experts in solar energy from both TU Delft and other (international) universities, an inspiring plenary talk, and several 2.5-hour long practical sessions (15 hours of hands-on experience per attendee). In addition, each attendee will have access to our Virtual PV Laboratory (3-D virtual environment) for the whole month of July 2023. 


Our academic mission is to deliver excellent young engineers and future leaders in the field of energy transition. Therefore, we believe that PhD candidates, PostDocs, R&D people and engineers who work in the area of sustainable energy should have knowledge of how real PV systems operate. In these times of fast changes in the way we use electricity, the penetration of photovoltaic systems in the energy mix is literally booming. Our Summer school will offer theoretical knowledge and practical training in design, installation, understanding, and monitoring of PV systems.  


The PVSSS 2023 will take place entirely on site at TU Delft. Social events will take place in Delft and in the surroundings. Practical sessions will be performed in our PV Laboratory and complemented by our browsable 3-D virtual environment of TU Delft.




The PVSSS 2023 will start on the afternoon of Sunday, the 2nd of July, with a get-together dinner. Lectures and laboratory sessions will go on from Monday, the 3rd of July, to Friday, the 7th of July. The school will be closed with an ending ceremony at the end of Friday afternoon. For the detailed program, click here.