Dr.ir. R. Vismara MSc

Dr.ir. R. Vismara MSc



Lecturer Born in Torre de’ Roveri (Italy) in December 1990, he obtained in 2012 a B.Sc. degree in Energy Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. He then moved to the Netherlands where  in 2014  he received the M.Sc. degree in Sustainable Energy Technology, graduating with a thesis on the topic of thin-film solar cells. Afterwards, he continued to carry out research on the topic of photovoltaics – obtaining a Ph.D. degree in November 2020 with a thesis titled "Advanced Light Management in Thin-Film Solar Cells". Since 2019 he has been involved in the development of numerous online courses, on the topics of photovoltaic modelling and experimentation (more info here). Since November 2021 he is full-time lecturer of photovoltaics at Delft University of Technology. His research interests are absorption and efficiency limits in solar cells, light management in (thin-film) solar cells, and modelling of photovoltaic devices and systems. Currently, he is mainly focus on the education of future researchers and engineers on the topics of photovoltaic material, devices and systems.
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