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At this moment there are neither PhD nor PostDoc positions available.


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With the imminent threat of climate change and shortage of fossil energy supply, research into renewable energy sources has gained considerable momentum. The generation of electricity using solar cells, so-called photovoltaic (PV) energy conversion, has become worldwide an important direction for solving the energy crisis. PV industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, using more wafers to fabricate PV cells than microelectronics industry for fabricating chips. PV already provides more than 100,000 jobs worldwide and this number grows rapidly each year. For a widespread application of solar (PV) electricity the challenge of the PV is to reduce the cost per generated kWh of electricity. There is an enormous research effort all over the world to develop new types of solar cells and fabrication technologies in order to decrease the cost of solar electricity. This effort results in many attractive PhD positions in the field of PV.


The Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials and Devices is one of the research groups of the Department of Electrical Sustainable Energy. The group focuses on the deployment of X-Integrated PV systems for providing green energy to the sustainable electrification of society. Research is carried out along the whole PV value chain, covering (i) novel solar energy materials and deposition technologies for solar cells, (ii) novel concepts for high efficient single- and hybrid multi-junction solar cells, (iii) PV-powered smart multi-functional modules and building materials, and (iv) application of X-IPV systems in the (built) environment. These four research areas are complemented by the so-called PV multi-scale modelling, that support all other areas from the atomistic scale of (hetero-)interfaces within solar cells to global-scale modelling of energy yield. The research in our group is carried out in co-operation with several companies, research institutes, and universities both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Graduation projects in all above mentioned research areas are currently available. If you are interested in a specific area and/or would like to carry out your graduation project at one of the partners we cooperate with, please contact us and we shall discuss with you these possibilities. Below find a list of MSc projects available in our group divided per research area and containing contact persons details. Note that your topic of interest might have been already taken by a fellow student, therefore contact soon your prospective supervisor to get informed about your MSc thesis project. 

We look forward to welcoming you in our group.

On behalf of PVMD

Dr. Olindo Isabella


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