Research themes


The work being carried out in the MMC Group encompasses a broad palette of research directions in the domains of multimodal analysis and processing, network data computing and multimedia information systems, with a strong influx of the expertise from the domain of human factors:


  • Multimodal analysis and processing
  1. SpeechLab
  2. Cross-modal retrieval, generation and captioning
  3. Human-centered multimedia analysis
  • Network data computing
  1. Prediction, modeling and control of processes in (complex) networks
  2. Network (graph) learning
  3. Socially-responsible recommender systems
  • Multimedia information systems
  1. Validation and validity in multimedia information systems
  2. Value-driven search and recommendation
  3. Evaluation of multimedia information systems

More information about the research directions and activities of the MMC Group can be found under the corresponding links above and on the sites of the individual People group members page.