Intelligent Electrical Power Grids (IEPG) Group

Research areas

The field of the Intelligent Electrical Power Grids research program covers the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, and a characteristic is the system-oriented approach. Our research program covers the three different time scales for which power systems are usually studied: transient, dynamic and steady state behavior of power systems. The area of this research program is concerned with the technical, economical and societal performance of the electricity supply system. Theoretical and technological limits of current and future power systems and components are investigated taking into account the changing operating environment, e.g. the large-scale introduction of renewable and distributed energy sources and the application of new and sustainable technologies..


It is our mission to develop new knowledge in the field of Intelligent Electrical Power Grids to educate researchers and engineers and to support industry with knowledge, solutions and technologies. We aim to define the theoretical and technological limits of future electrical power systems in a changing world, influenced by the liberalization of the electricity market, the uncoupling of generation and transmission and the large scale introduction of renewable and dispersed energy sources, by the application of future technologies.


Our mission leads to a variety of questions which are addressed in this program and which awakens the interest of students for Intelligent Electrical Power Grids and makes them aware of a fundamental challenge for power engineering students: how to power the society, now and in the future.


  • Peter Palensky announced as the new editor in chief of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine for 2019-2021.
    Read about it here.

  • "IEPG is a part of the DeSIRE project that received 4TU funding. Read about it here."

  • The "Symposium on Stability Assessment and Intelligent Control for Sustainable Electrical Power Systems” organized by Associate Profesor Jose Rueda was held in the presence of the experts from several industry and researching institutions as: Loughborough University, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, University of Leeds, SINTEF Energy Research, TenneT TSO BV, Universität Duisburg-Essen, DIgSILENT GmbH and  TU Delft. More information can be found by clicking here.

  • José Rueda Torres of IEPG not only finished his tenure track way ahead of time, he is now also promoted to Associate Professor. Congratulations!

  • Domenico Lahaye of DIAM and Milos Cvetkovic of IEPG are organizing a workshop on Theory and Practice of Co-Simulation of Power Systems on April 24th. Information and registrations are available here.

  • José Rueda Torres of IEPG is organizing "Symposium on Stability Assessment and Intelligent Control for Sustainable Electrical Power Systems" on April 20th between 09.00-15.00. Room: Lecture Hall Pi. Detailed agenda and instructions for (free) registration are given here.

  • Matija Naglic created SADF, a new framework for development of applications based on PMU data

  • A Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS Novacor) training was successfully completed by IEPG members and some industry partners in March 2018 at the RTDS TU Delft LAB.