Microelectronics is one of the main drivers behind the digital revolution that is transforming our world. In line with this, the research and educational activities of ME span all aspects of electronic engineering, ranging from electromagnetics and signal processing to hardware design, and from microfabrication to the realization of complete radar arrays. ME’s research includes the design and development of silicon-based devices, analogue and digital circuits for smart sensors, biomedical implants and wireless communication systems, signal-processing algorithms for communication and biomedical signals, as well as microwave and terahertz systems for remote sensing and radio astronomy.


The department is responsible for the BSc programme in Electrical Engineering, as well as for three tracks in the MSc Electrical Engineering programme: Microelectronics (ME), Signals and Systems (SS), and Telecommunications & Sensing Systems (TS).


The department is also a major contributor to the EEMCS themes: