The Studieverzameling is a unique and extensive collection of electrical engineering objects. Since the opening of the EEMCS building in November 1969, it is located in the basement of the lower part of the faculty. The collection consists of radio's, televisions, typewriters, electron tubes, books and many other objects.

You can visit the Studieverzameling on Mondays from 10:00 to 16:00. The volunteers will give you a warm welcome.

During the opening hours the Studieverzameling can be reached by telephone: 015 2781359

On the bottom of this page, one can find the book catalog. Books may be copied, but one cannot rent a book.

The book collection in the Studieverzameling.
A cabinet with electron tubes.

Book catalog

In the window underneath the book catalog is located. Searching is possible per cabinet ("kast"), or through the whole collection ("All collections"). The catalog is linked to the LibraryThing website