STAP subsidy for TU Delft (online) education

To further promote lifelong learning and skill acquisition, the university now offers a selection of grant-eligible courses.

The Dutch government has made 160 million euros available in 2022 for the STAP subsidy scheme (STimulering Arbeidsmarkt Positie). The subsidy is to support employed and unemployed professionals enhance their skill set and improve their position in the labour market – an aim that strongly resonates with TU Delft’s vision for lifelong learning.  In line with this, a first offering of online courses is now available for the next budget round starting on 1 July. If this initial offering is successful, it will be extended to more courses in the near future.

Managed by the UWV (the national employee insurance agency), the grant money is available to both Dutch and EU nationals with a link to the Dutch labour market. The maximum subsidy amount per course is 1,000 euro per year and is only applicable to post-initial education (i.e. cannot be used for TU Delft Bachelor or Master programs).

For more information on the TU Delft STAP pilot contact: Cora van Haaren, Project Manager Lifelong Learning, TU Delft Extension School.

Images: Pexel on picabay; still from UWV information video.
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