A two-fold approach to research

We incorporate the latest academic findings in the subject area of our courses and we develop courses and programs utilising insights from the latest educational research.

As online education generates massive amounts of data on student behaviour we can use this information to gain knowledge on learning and learning processes and apply the derived insights to improve the quality of education, for our online learners and for our campus students too.

Online learners can themselves be an active source of research data by providing academics (at TU Delft or other institutions) with specific information to help in their area of investigation.

Our education research agenda focuses on three main tracks: 

  •  course evaluation which focuses on post-course analysis;
  •  research-driven innovation through short-cycled research projects; 
  •  long-term experimental research with a specific focus on big data and learning analytics.

Generating new ideas

Our research is one of the factors that makes us innovators in online education. We are open to experimentation and to new ideas. At the same time we are experienced in creating education – also professional education – and we put our expertise to the service of learners.

Some examples of innovation in education that we have incorporated into our courses as a result of our research include new assessment methods, the use of badges and VR platforms.

A MOOC is an excellent way to gain insights into the research other departments and faculties engage in. And the knowledge gained from such research can have local but also global impact, which is essential in accelerating the transition towards a sustainable planet.

― Els Leclercq, Research Fellow Design and Construction Management