Dr. Dimphna Meijer

Research Theme(s): Cell Biology and Single-molecule biophysics

Current Research Interests: Quantitative Neurobiology


Dimphna Meijer is an assistant professor and group leader of the Quantitative Neurobiology Laboratory at TU Delft. She obtained her MSc (cum laude, 2008) in Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience from Utrecht University. She carried out her PhD research in the Neurobiology Department of the Harvard Medical School and the Cancer Biology Department of the Dana Farber Cancer Center, Boston, USA. After returning to the Netherlands for postdoctoral work in the Crystal and Structural Chemistry Department at Utrecht University, she joined the TU Delft Faculty in 2018. For her work, she received an EMBO long-term fellowship, a Marie Sklodowska Curie postdoctoral fellowship, a NWO VENI personal grant and a Delft Technology Fellowship. The research of her group focusses on macromolecular complex assembly during neural circuitry formation. Other current research interests are (brain) cancer biology, tissue engineering and bio-electronic circuits.

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Current Projects

  • Molecular and Cellular Biophysics of Learning and Memory
  • From Cells to Circuitry

Assistant Professor

Dimphna Meijer

Management Assistent

Tracey de Ruijter