Dr. Marianne Bauer

Research Theme(s): Synthetic Biology, Single-molecule biophysics and Cell Biology

Research Interests: Gene regulation; Cell-fate decision making and sensing; Precision and signal response in biology, esp in gene regulation, early development and in the presence of infections; stochasticity and noise; effects of spatial inhomogeneities and clustering on optimality in signal processing.


Marianne Bauer obtained a BSc in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of St Andrews and an MPhil in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics as a Gates Scholar from the University of Cambridge, where she worked on protein folding and biexciton recombination. During her PhD at Cambridge she trained as a theorist on cold atomic gases. She then moved to Munich as a postdoctoral fellow in Erwin Frey’s group, and investigated spatial structure and antibiotic resistance in biological model populations. Her second postdoc at the Center for the Physics of Biological function at Princeton, with William Bialek and Eric Wieschaus, focused on gene regulation and transcription factor sensing in early fly development. She started her group at TU Delft in March 2022.


Highlight Publications

1. Trading bits in the readout from a genetic network
M Bauer, MD Petkova, T Gregor, EF Wieschaus, W Bialek
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (46), e2109011118 (2021).


2. Delayed adaptation in stochastic metapopulation models
M Bauer, E Frey
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 122 (6), 68002 (2018).


3. Delays in fitness adjustment can lead to coexistence of hierarchically interaction species
M Bauer, E Frey
Physical Review Letters 121 (26), 268101 (2018).


4. Multiple scales in metapopulations of public goods producers
M Bauer, E Frey
Physical Review E 97 (4), 042307 (2018).


5. Exploiting ecology in drug pulse sequences in favour of population reduction
M Bauer, IR Graf, V Ngampruetikorn, GJ Stephens, E Frey
PLoS computational biology 13 (9), e1005747 (2017).



Assistant Professor

Marianne Bauer

Management Assistant

Heleen Sakkee