Software Hardware

Signal processing/image analysis and advanced microscopy hardware control

What? Bachelor/ master internship projectsto implement open-source microscopy automation and userfriendly analysis software packages to democratize advanced imaging in the Grussmayer Lab @BN/AS; possible collaboration with Nergis Toemen from the Computer Vision Lab @EWI/IS.

Starting date & contact: April 2023 onwards; Kristin Grussmayer, Email:, Miyase Tekpinar, Ran Huo, Moritz Engelhardt, Department/Faculty: BN/AS

For you? You learn: state-of-the-art super-resolution/advanced microscopy methods, microscope hardware control and data acquisition or image analysis algorithms. Possible data simulation or performance of microscopy experiments. Your background: computer science/math, (bio-)physics/engineering or related with programming experience in e.g., Python/Matlab or Java.

Pycro-Manager architecture overview as an example of integrated data acquisition using Java-based uManager with (purple) Python libraries for hardware control, data visualization, scientific computing, etc. Source