15.04.2023 Welcome! Arti joins our lab and the lab of Roland Kanaar for a joint postdoc under co-supervision of Maarten Paul (Erasmus MC), as part of the CIFIC Convergence Flagship.
01.03.2023 Welcome! Nicole joins our lab as research technician.
27.01.2023 Hello World! Baby Mara Elisabeth Grussmayer joins us.
24.01.2023 Congratulations! Ran passes her Go/No-go meeting - way to go!
15.01.2023 Welcome! Sara joins our lab for her BEP.
18.11.2022 Our joint proposal on “A gentle super-resolution methodology for novel tissue imaging” with Carlas Smith @ME was awarded one of the five 20k grants by the Delft Bioengineering Institute.
11.10.2022 Congratulations! Moritz publishes the first (review) paper of his PhD “Mapping volumes to planes: Camera-based strategies for snapshot volumetric microscopy”
07.10.2022 Congratulations! Moritz passes his Go/No-go meeting with flying colors.
06.10.2022 Congratulations! Our second collaborative paper with Shih-Te and Carlas from Carlas Smith lab @ME
01.10.2022 Welcome! Miyase joins the lab as a PhD student.
05.09.2022 Welcome! Klarinda joins the lab for her MEP.
13.07.2022 Our Kavli Synergy Program Proposal with the Koenderink Lab on “Quantitative imaging of cytoskeletal crosstalk at the nanoscale in brain cancer” was granted.
O8.07.2022 We are part of two of the ten awarded Convergence Health & Technology Flagships! Happy to get the Integrative Neuromedicine (IN) and the Convergence Imaging Facility and Innovation Centre (CIFIC) started this year.
29.06.2022 Congratulations! Hannah Lena successfully defended her BEP. Thanks for the nice work, we’ll miss you!
10.05.2022 Congratulations! Our first collaborative paper with Shih-Te and Carlas from Carlas Smith lab @ME
11.03.2022 Congratulations! Moritz wins an NVIDIA Academic Hardware Grant.
07.02.2022 Welcome! Hannah Lena joins the group for her BEP!
15.01.2022 Welcome! Ran joins the group as a PhD student!
01.01.2022 Welcome! Cátia joins the group as lab manager!
17.11.2021 Delft AI lab Biomedical Intervention Optimisation Lab (BIOlab)
01.11.2021 Welcome! Sinan joins the group for his M.Sc. internship and thesis!
01.10.2021 Delft Bioengineering Institut M.Sc. BioDate proposal with Hylkje Geertsema (Imaging Physics) granted
15.09.2021 Welcome! Moritz joins the group as a PhD student!
10.05.2021 Welcome! Yanthi joins the group as research technician.
01.02.2021 Official start of the GruĂźmayer lab.