September 1st
We said goodbye to Werner and Els, and welcome Renske, who will do her combined nanobiology and science communication MEP in our lab and Caspar who will work as a researcher in the lab.

August 23rd
Thomas successfully defended his MEP, congrats!

July 18-22
Liedewij and Nynke attend the synthetic cell workshop at the Lorentz center where Nynke will present a poster and Liedewij will give an oral presentation about the work of Sophie and Werner.

July 13th
Hurray, our Kavli Seed money proposal about noise for transgenerational feedback was funded, looking forward to doing the work with Jos Zwanikken and Caspar Schmeits!

July 11th
Caspar finished his master project successfully, congrats!

July 6th
David and Liedewij’s paper about evolution of multicomponent systems is now published in PNAS, check out a nice laymen description here

July 2nd
Werner’s paper entitled “Epigenetic feedback on noisy expression boosts evolvability”, is now available as a preprint

Marieke submitted her review paper on self-organisation, complexity and evolution of cell polarity!

May 9-22
Liedewij, Marieke and Buddy attend the EMBO workshop, phase separation in cell biology in Heidelberg, Marieke and Buddy present a poster.

May 1st
Valentina joins the lab as a Nanobiology master student and will continue our nanostar research.

April 11th
We have a new doctor: congrats to dr. Christine Linne, who did a beautiful study of superselective surface binding.

March 9th
Floor successfully defended her master thesis in Nanobiology, congrats!


December 14th
Christine has submitted her thesis! She will defend her thesis on April 11th.

November 1st
Welcome to our new labmembers Marieke, Nynke and Caspar!

Goodbye to Reza, thanks for your nice work on polarity during cytokinesis, good luck with a journey into datascience!

We went on a lab outing to Lausanne (by train!!) to visit the group of Sophie Martin, was a lot of fun!

Christine’s paper on superselective colloid binding is now published in PNAS. Check out this news article.

Constant and Thijs successfully defended their BEP, congrats 

June 15th
Liedewij gives a talk at the EMBO Predicting evolution workshop

May 1st
We welcome Daphne, Thijs and Constant as BSc students in the group!

April 1st
Frank joins as a research technician for protein purification! Welcome and good luck!

March 30th
Wessel successfully defended his Nanobiology MEP, congrats!

March 26th 
Christinne’s paper is submitted, good job Christine, curious, check it out on the Archiv.

March 25th
Our Laan Lab SATAY pipeline is now openly available check it out here. Thanks very much to Wessel, Leila and Gregory. Gregory also leaves us for an exciting new job, we will miss you a lot and wish you lots of luck at the Erasmus MC.

March 17th and 18th 
Enzo and Christine gave a talk at the APS. 

Maaike successfully defended her Nanobiology BEP, congrats!
Floor (MEP) joins our lab, welcome!


We welcome our new labmember and mascot, Buddy, the LABrador!

November 24th
The review paper about predicting evolution bottom-up illustrated in yeast cell polarity by Werner and Els is now published in Cells, well done!

November 1st 
Werner’s paper about predicting epistasis bottom-up through a coarse grained model of cell polarity is submitted!

October 1st
We submitted Werner and Els’s invited review about how and when we understand cells well enough to predict evolution!

September 11th
Our joined paper linking self-organization and evolvability with the Frey lab is on the BioRxiv now!

September 8th
Laurie successfully defended her Applied Physics BEP, congrats!!

September 1st
Thomas (MEP) and Maaike (BEP) join the lab, welcome!

June 23rd
With deep sadness we like to share that Mathia, after fighting cancer till the last day with optimism and joy, passed away. Thanks for the inspiration you were with your optimism, energy, kindness and passion, and how you embraced and enjoyed life!

June 23rd
Keije successfully defended his BEP.

May 29th
Enzo submitted his paper! You can already read about it here!

May 13th
A big day! Werner, as first PhD student ever defended his PHD work, and did really well! Here you can read about his work!

May 1st
Laurie joins the lab for her BEP and will work with Christine, welcome!

March 2nd
Keije joins the lab for his BEP, welcome!

February 17th
Gregory return to the lab as a research technician to study gene essentiality in different genetic beackgrounds, welcome

February 10st
Wessel joins the lab as a Nanobiology master student and trying to predict and steer evolution in the lab, welcome!

February 10th
Aisha finished her internship for her nanobiology master working on the mysteries of Nrp1, well done!

Enzo's review paper with the Tans lab is published!

Sophie wins the science comunication poster prize at Physics@ Veldhoven, well done


October 8th
Christine wins a poster prize on Dutch Biophysics, well done!

September 1st
Liedewij returns from maternity leave

May 13th
Kjelt is born

April 1st
Liedewij goes on maternity leave

April 1st
Liedewij receives tenure and is promoted to associate professor!

February 4th
Gregory joins the lab for his master project, welcome 

January 1st
Reza joins the lab as a post-doc, welcome!

January 30th
Kim and Sophie's review paper on minimal systems for polarity is online now, well done!

December 10th
Liedewij gives talk at the symposium for the evolution of cellular structures, as part of Jolien van Hooff's PhD defense.

November 16th
Pam succesfully defended her BEP for Nanobiology, we will miss you!

October 1&2
Succesfull Dutch Biophysics: Enzo gave a great talk and Sophie won a poster prize 

September 1-5
Liedewij meets the King of Norway during the Kavli Banquet, as part of the Kavli Community meeting

June 21st
Liedewij gives a talk at the Institute for Living Systems in Exeter, UK

June 13th
Eveline's and Valerie's paper about evolution of the fungal polarity network is accepted in Genome Biology and Evolution, great work!

June 9th
Our highly collaborative paper on Dps compaction is accepted in Cell!

June 6th
Enzo gives a talk, and Liedewij and Els present a poster at Yeasterday.

June 1st
Miranda (HBO bachelor student) and Vlad (Harvard undergrad) join the lab for their internship, welcome!

Nadine will be our new management assistant, welcome!

Ilse and Bram succesfully defended their bachelor thesis, congratulations!

April 12
Liedewij is elected as member of the first board of the Netherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology (NLSEB).

April 12
Liedewij gives a talk at the first Netherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology meeting (NLSEB)

April 3-6
Liedewij leads the Lorentz workshop "evolution of biomolecular networks: rules of the game" 

March 12th
Pam joins the lab as a BEP student, welcome!

February 2018
Ezra has succesfully defended his MEP research, congrats!

February 2018
Zaida has succesfully defended her BEP research, as well as Pim and Albert their minor, congrats!

January 2018
Lab trip to Lisbon combined with a visit to the evolutionary dynamics group of Claudia Bank at the Gulbenkian Institute.

January 1st
Ramon joins our lab as a technician, we are happy to have you!

December 8th
Albert and Pim join our lab for their nanobiology minor, welcome!

December 2017
Enzo, Christine and Els start as PhD students in our lab, welcome!

October 30th
Liedewij is invited by the students for a seminar of the biochemistry department at Oxford University in the UK.

October 17th
Our paper about chromosome loss in cells of different ploidy together with the group of Nenad Pavin is now on the BioRxiv!

September 11th
Nice piece in delta about our research.

Welcome to Sophie (PhD student from Munich); Bram, Rosanne and Ilse (Nanobiology bachelor students), Leila (is back as a technician) and Zaida and Ezra (LST students) who start in our lab this fall!

Liedewij receives a Starting grant from the European Research Council (ERC)!!

Congrats to Leila for finishing her applied physics master thesis!

September 26-27
Liedewij will give an invited talk at the 21st Evolutionary Biology Meeting in Marseilles.

September 13-14
Liedewij will give an invited talk at the Physics of living matter symposium in Cambridge, UK.

August 21-22th
Liedewij and Eveline present a poster at the European Society for Evolutionary Biology meeting (ESEP) in Groningen.

July 21st
Eveline and Leila's paper got accepted in Biophysical Reviews!

July 18th
Liedewij will give an invited talk at the Evolution, ecology, collective and emergent behaviour session at the International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB) meeting in Edinburgh.

June 28th
Liedewij and Daniela Kraft from LION received a Nanofront grant to study Multivalent interactions for super-selective colloids and self-organizing protein networks.

June 23rd
Eveline's paper on evolutionary dynamics in the fungal polarisation network is available now on the BioRxiv !

June 1st
Liedewij received a VIDI personal grant from NWO-ALW . We are excited to increase our research line of evolution of biochemical networks!

May 1st
We welcome Mathia Arens who will finish her PhD in our lab under shared supervision with Anne Meyer, welcome!

April 3rd
Felix joins our lab from Gottingen for an internship; we are very happy to have you!

February 20th
Enzo is back to finish-up the work he did as a master student in the lab, welcome back!

January 20th
welcome-to-Esengul-goodbye-to-Eve-and-Marit-Lab dinner.

January 16th
Welcome to Esengul Yildirim, who will become our new lab technician, we are very happy she joins the team!

January 13th
Marit succesfully defended her Bsc thesis for nanobiology, congrats! 

November 25th
Liedewij will give a talk at the MPI for Dynamics and Self-organisation in Gottingen.

November 4th
Joerian succesfully defended his MEP for Life Science and Technology, congrats!

Leila (Applied Physics) and Marit (Nanobiology)join the lab for their Master and Bachelor project, welcome!

July 25th
Enzo succesfully defended his MEP for Applied Physics, congrats!

July 19th
Burak succesfully defended his BEP for Applied Physics, congrats!

July 18th
Mindy succesfully defended her BEP for Nanobiology, congrats!

July 15th
Jeffrey succsesfully defended his BEP for Nanobiology, congrats!

June 27th
Joerian joins the lab as a master student from life science and technology.

June 19-24
Both Liedewij and Eveline will give a talk at the Gordon conference for Cellular and Molecular Fungal Biology .

May 30th
Together with the complete Bionanoscience department we moved to our new building!

May 26st
Liedewij gives a talk at the Lorentz workshop: Anisotropy and Shape in Biological Materials: From Structure to Functionality

May 12st
Our Elife paper is highlighted on the HFSP website

April 18th
Burak Demirbas joins the lab for his bachelor project for Applied Physics, welcome!

March 3rd
Carlijn Bell successfully defended her Bachelor Project for LST, congrats!

March 1st
Our Primer for Cell is highlighted on the HFSP website

February 4th
Dispatch about our Elife paper in Current Biology: Adaptive Evolution: don't fix what is broken. 

Hielke Wallinga joins the lab via the Nanobiology honours program, welcome!

Mindy Kasting en Jeffrey de Hoogen join our Lab for their bachelor end project from Nanobiology, welcome!

January 28th
Christine succesfully defended her bachelor project, congrats!

December 17th
Our primer about modeling in experimental papers was published in Cell today!

October 19th
Carlijn Bell joins the lab as the first bachelor student from Life Science and Technology, welcome!

October 9th
Valerie Pourquie will defend her Bachelor project.

September 30th
Liedewij's paper, with co-authors John Koschwanez and Andrew Murray is accepted for publication in Elife!

September 29th
We are looking for a motivated master student to work on a combined project, partially executed in three groups, my group, a material science group and a group at biotechnology.
The aim is to study metal-microbe interactions to improve surgery implants. The part in my lab will be based on fluorescent microscopy measurements on bacteria in the vicinity of model metal implants.

September 1st
Christine van Tuyll starts as a Bachelor student in the Lab, welcome!

August 24th
Enzo Kingma starts as first Master student, welcome!

August 17th
Eveline Diepenveen joins the lab as a post-doc; welcome, we are very happy to have you join our team!

July 31st
Mathijs Verhagen will defend his Bachelor project.

July 27
Liedewij gives an invited talk at the CAS conference for synthetic biology II in Munich.

June 1st
Valérie starts as a nanobiology bachelor student on a bioinformatics project, welcome!

May 28th
The Engel lab and Laan Lab received a Nanofront grant from NWO.

March 23rd
Fridtjof visit our lab for a month from the group of Erwin Frey in Munich.

March 23rd
Mathijs starts as first Bachelor student, welcome!

March 16th
Eve starts as first Research technician in the Laan Lab, welcome!

February 3rd
Liedewij gives a seminar at Utrecht University

January 19th
Liedewij gives a lecture at the Graduate School of Quantitative Biosciences in Munich

December 1st
Werner starts as first PhD student in the Laan Lab, welcome!

October 14th
Liedewij gives a talk at the EMBO meeting: Experimental Approaches to Evolution and Ecology using Yeast & other Model Systems, in Heidelberg.

October 1st
Official start of the Laan Lab.

September 25th
Liedewij gives a talk at CENS meeting, “walk and talk at the nanoscale“ in Venice.