Scientific papers

Marieke M. Glazenburg and Liedewij Laan (2022)
Complexity and self-organization in the evolution of cell polarization
Under review journal of cell science

Werner Karl-Gustav Daalman, Liedewij Laan (2022)
Epigenetic feedback on noisy expression boosts evolvability 

David Zwicker and Liedewij Laan (2022)
Evolved interactions stabilize many coexisting phases in multicomponent liquids
Proc Natl Acad Sci, 119 (28) e2201250119

Meike Wortel, ….Liedewij Laan,…., Pleuni Pennings (2021)
The why, what and how of predicting evolution across biology: from disease to biotechnology to biodiversity. 

Christine Linne, Daniele Visco, Stefano Angioletti-Uberti, Liedewij Laan#, Daniela J. Kraft# (2021)
Direct visualization of superselective colloid-surface binding mediated by multivalent interactions. 
Proc Natl Acad Sci, 118: (36) e2106036118;
# corresponding authors

Leila Inigo de la Cruz, Gregory van Beek, Wessel Teunisse and Liedewij Laan (2021)
Laan Lab pipeline for SATAY analysis. 

Werner Karl-Gustav Daalman, Els Sweep, Liedewij Laan
A tractable bottom-up model of the yeast polarity genotype-phenotype map for evolutionary relevant predictions

Werner Karl-Gustav Daalman, Els Sweep, Liedewij Laan (2020)
The Path towards Predicting Evolution as Illustrated in Yeast Cell Polarity.
Cells 2020, 9(12), 2534;

Fridtjof Brauns, Leila Margarita Iñigo de la Cruz, Werner Karl-Gustav Daalman, Ilse de Bruin, Jacob Halatek, Liedewij Laan#, Erwin Frey# (2020)
Adaptability and evolution of the cell polarization machinery in budding yeast.
# corresponding authors

Enzo Kingma, Eveline T. Diepeveen, Leila Iñigo de la Cruz, Liedewij Laan (2020)
Pleiotropy allows recovery of phenotypic plasticity in constant environments.

Philippe Nghe*, Marjon de Vos*, Enzo Kingma*, Manjunatha Kogenaru, Frank Poelwijk, Liedewij Laan, Sander Tans (2020)
Predicting evolution using regulatory architecture.
Annu Rev Biophys , Feb 4. doi: 10.1146/annurev-biophys-070317-032939 (*equal contribution)

Kim Vendel*, Sophie Tschripke*, Fayezeh Shamsi, Marileen Dogterom and Liedewij Laan (2019)
Minimal in vitro systems shed light on cell polarity.
Journal of Cell Science, 132: jcs217554 doi:10.1242 (*equal contribution)

Ivan Jelenic, Anna Selmecki, Liedewij Laan*, and Nenad Pavin* (2018)
Spindle dynamics model explains chromosome loss rates in yeast polyploid cells.
Frontiers in Genetics, 10.3389/fgene.2018.00296 (*corresponding authors)

Richard Janissen*, Mathia M. A. Arens*, Natalia N. Vtyurina*, Zaïda Rivai, Nicholas D. Sunday, Behrouz Eslami-Mossallam, Alexey A. Gritsenko, Liedewij Laan, Dick de Ridder, Irina Artsimovitch, Nynke H. Dekker*, Elio A. Abbondanzieri*, and Anne S. Meyer*
Dps and DNA form a dynamic, phase-separated organelle orthogonal to transcription.(2018)
Cell, 174, 1–12,

Eveline T. Diepeveen, Valerie Pourquié, Thies Gehrmann, Thomas Abeel and Liedewij Laan (2018)
Patterns of conservation and diversification in the fungal polarization network.
Genome Biology and Evolution, evy121,

Eveline T. Diepeveen, Leila Iñigo de la Cruz, and Liedewij Laan (2017)
Evolutionary dynamics in the fungal polarization network, a mechanistic perspective.
Biophysical Reviews 1-13 /doi/10.1007/s12551-017-0286-2

Marian Baclayon, Svenja-Marei Kalisch, Ed Hendel, Liedewij Laan, Julien Husson, E Laura Munteanu, Marileen Dogterom (2017)
Optical Tweezers-Based Measurements of Forces and Dynamics at Microtubule Ends.
Optical Tweezers: Methods and Protocols, 411-435

Wolfram Moebius and Liedewij Laan (2015)
Physical and Mathematical Modeling in Experimental Papers.
Cell, 163-7, 1577–1583
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Liedewij Laan, John H. Koschwanez, Andrew W. Murray (2015)
Evolutionary recovery after crippling cell polarization reveals reproducible trajectories.
eLife, 10.7554/eLife.09638
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Liedewij Laan (2014)
Experiments inside a box lead to out-of-the-box ideas on cellular organization.
Systems and Synthetic Biology, 1-4

Sophie Roth, Liedewij Laan and Marileen Dogterom (2014)
Reconstitution of cortical dynein function.
Meth of Enzymology: "Reconstituting the Cytoskeleton"

Rui Ma, Liedewij Laan, Marileen Dogterom, Nenad Pavin, Frank Jülicher (2014)
General theory for the mechanics of confined microtubule asters.
New J Phys, 16: 013018

Nenad Pavin*, Liedewij Laan*, Rui Ma, Marileen Dogterom, and Frank Jülicher (2012)
Positioning of microtubule organizing centers by cortical pushing and pulling forces.
New J. Phys. , 14: 105025 (*equal contribution)

Liedewij Laan , Sophie Roth, and Marileen Dogterom (2012)
End-on microtubule-dynein interactions and pulling-based positioning of microtubule organizing centers.
Cell Cycle, 11:20:3750–3757

Liedewij Laan, Nenad Pavin, Julien Husson, Guillaume Romet-Lemonne, Martijn van Duijn, Magdalena Preciado López, Ronald D. Vale, Frank Juelicher, Samara L. Reck-Peterson and Marileen Dogterom (2012)
‘Cortical’ Dynein Controls Microtubule Dynamics and Length, Generating Pulling Forces that Position Microtubule Asters.
Cell, 148: 502–514
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Svenja-Marei Kalisch, Liedewij Laan and Marileen Dogterom (2011)
Force generation by dynamic microtubules in vitro.
Methods Mol Biol, 777: 147-65

Liedewij Laan and Marileen Dogterom (2010)
In vitro assays to study force generation at dynamic microtubule ends.
Methods Cell Biol , 95: 617-39

Julien Husson, Liedewij Laan, Marileen Dogterom (2009)
Force-generation by microtubule bundles.
Biophysical Reviews and Letters, 4: 33-44

Liedewij Laan*, Julien Husson*, E. Laura Munteanu, Jacob W. J. Kerssemakers, Marileen Dogterom (2008)
Force-generation and dynamic instability of microtubule bundles.
Proc Natl Acad Sci, 105:8920-8925 (*equal contribution)

Peter Bieling*, Liedewij Laan*, Henry Schek, E. Laura Munteanu, Linda Sandblad, Marileen Dogterom, Damian Brunner, Thomas Surrey (2007)
Reconstitution of a microtubule plus-end tracking system in vitro.
Nature, 450: 1100-1105 (*equal contribution)
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Marileen Dogterom, Julien Husson, Liedewij Laan, E. Laura Munteanu, Christian Tischer
Microtubule forces and organization.
Cell motility / ed. P. Lenz. - New York : Springer, 2007. pp. 93-115 (Springer series in Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering)

Jacob W. J. Kerssemakers, E. Laura Munteanu, Liedewij Laan, Tim Noetzel, Marcel Janson and Marileen Dogterom (2006)
Assembly dynamics of microtubules at molecular resolution.
Nature, 442: 709-712
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Popular science papers

Liedewij Laan en Marileen Dogterom (2012)
Nanomachientjes organiseren het skelet van de cel.
Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde (Dutch physics journal)

Liedewij Laan, Laura Munteanu, Jacob Kerssemakers, Marileen Dogterom (2006)
Meten aan microbuisjes met moleculaire resolutie.
Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde, 72: 388-391 (Dutch physics journal)