About us

Welcome to the Department of Biotechnology of Delft University of Technology! We are a modern, ambitious research department with a rich history.

Currently, our department consists of six research groups that, together, cover the breadth of cutting-edge biotechnology. A large part of our research is aimed at gaining new, fundamental insights in how enzymes, cells, and populations of microorganisms function in industrial processes. Building on this knowledge, we (re)design, build and test innovative bioprocesses as well as the enzymes and microorganisms used in these processes. To stimulate responsible innovation, we also study communication and societal impact of novel biotechnological processes.

We cooperate with a large number of industrial partners in order to engineer real-world applications, such as new and sustainable wastewater treatment methods based on granular sludge, improved microorganisms for the production of biofuels from agricultural residues  and innovative downstream processing solutions for the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. We believe that our efforts to translate questions from industry and society into fundamental research and engineering projects make us uniquely suited to tackle many current and future biotechnological challenges.

As a department, we take great pride in training the next generation of engineers and researchers with a focus on biocatalysis, metabolic engineering and process engineering, for example in our international MSc degree programme ‘Life Science & Technology’.

The fact that tiny changes in the DNA of an organism can completely change its physiology has always fascinated me. At the Department of Biotechnology I have found an excellent learning environment where I have the full opportunity to resolve some of biotechnology’s greatest challenges and fully develop myself as a scientist, whilst working together with inspiring colleagues from different fields.

― Charlotte Koster, PhD candidate and Best Graduate of Applied Sciences 2018


The department of Biotechnology has the following focus areas: