Adrie Straathof

Bachelor Courses

Chemical Biotechnology

Period: April - June
Course code: 4052CHBIOY

Design of Sustainable Biotechnological Processes

Period: February - April

Biotechnology, integrated laboratory course

Period: November - December
Course code: LB2791-P

Master Courses

Bioprocess Integration

Period: September - November
Course code: LM3452

Postgraduate courses

Advanced Course Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering

Period: April
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Research focus

  • Novel production processes of chemicals and fuels from biomass on basis of microbial and enzymatic conversions
  • In-situ product recovery using crystallization, adsorption, extraction, membrane permeation, and stripping
  • Model-based and experimental studies for achieving economically and environmentally sustainable integrated bioprocesses
  • Kinetics and thermodynamics for biotechnological processes

Dr Adrie J.J. Straathof

Associate Professor