Peter-Leon Hagedoorn Group

I am a biochemist driven by scientific curiosity to explore and discover new enzymes and new enzyme properties and mechanisms. I see myself as an open-minded reliable person who can take responsibility and is critical and involved with the people I supervise. I have 17 years of experience with biochemical studies of redox active (metallo-) enzymes and proteins. My laboratory is specialized in the elucidation of reaction mechanisms of metallo-enzymes and metalloproteomics.

My expertise involves the EPR spectroscopic characterization of redox cofactor containing enzymes and proteins, notably enzymes that contain tungsten and iron-sulfur clusters. Furthermore, I am an expert on metalloproteomics techniques and have developed the MIRAGE (Metal Isotope native RadioAutography in Gel Electrophoresis) approach to visualize metalloproteins from a biological sample using metal radionuclides. Finally, I am an expert on the biochemistry and Fe oxidation and mineralization mechanism of ferritin.

My work is/has been funded by the Netherlands Organization of Research (NWO), the Technology foundation STW and National Public-Private partnerships such as BE-Basic.

Dr Peter-Leon Hagedoorn

Assistant Professor