The Ottens Lab focuses on the following research fields:

  • Micro bio systems technology and micro fluidics
  • Bioprocess equipment miniaturization,
  • General phase behavior of biomaterials, including crystallization and precipitation,
  • Protein separation, purification and characterization,
  • Fast conceptual bio(pharma)process design (HTPD), and bioprocess integration,
  • Process chromatography of biologicals and nutraceuticals,
  • Continuous bioprocessing (e.g. Simulated Moving Bed technology), 
  • Transport phenomena and bioseparation science.
  • Golubovic, M, Ottens, M; Witkamp GJ, van der Wielen LAM, Preparation of a protein aggregate, useful for pharmaceutical applications, comprises acidification of an aqueous solution of the protein, Delft University of Technology.

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22 Sep 2005



16 Sep 2005



06 Dec 2006



28 Aug 2007


  • Golubovic, M, Ottens, M; Witkamp GJ, van der Wielen LAM, WO2005087016-A1; NL1025723-C2, Preparation of a protein aggregate, useful for pharmaceutical applications, comprises acidification of an aqueous solution of the protein, Delft University of Technology
  • Werkwijze voor de bereiding van een eiwitaggregaat en een farmaceutisch preparaat, M. Golubovic, M. Ottens, G.J. Witkamp and L.A.M. van der Wielen, Dutch Patent Application 1025723 (application date: 15-3-2004)
  • Separation method for bioparticles, D.A. Horneman, M. Ottens, LJP van den Broeke, van Roosmalen, J.T.F. Keurentjes and L.A.M. van der Wielen, European Patent Application 03076960.8 (application date: 23-6-2003)
  • Proceeding of the International Conference on Biopartitioning and Purification, BPP2005, June 20-14, 2005, Editors: T. Ahamed, M. Ottens and L.A.M. van der Wielen, ISBN 90-809691-2-5
  • Ottens, M. PhD Thesis, "Gas-Liquid Flow in Pipes and T-junctions", Oct. 1998, Amsterdam ISBN 90-5651-055-X.
Chapters in books
  • “Protein and Peptide Purification”, Beckley K. Nfor, Esteban Freydell and Marcel Ottens, Chapter 8 in “Biological Drug Products: Development and Strategies”, Editors Wei Wang &, Manmohan Singh, ISBN: 978-1-118-14889-1, November 2013
  • Advances in Process Chromatography, by Marcel Ottens and Sreekanth Chilamkurti, Chapter 4 in Separation, extraction and concentration processes in the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries, Editor: S.S.H. Rizvi, Cornell University, Woodhead Publishing, in preparation, 2010
  • Downstream Processing in Biotechnology, by Marcel Ottens, Johannes A. Wesselingh, Luuk A.M. van der Wielen, Chapter 9 in Basic Biotechnology, edited by Ratledge and Kristiansen, 3rd edition, 2006, Cambridge University Press.
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Current projects

Dr Marcel Ottens, PDEng

Associate Professor

State of the art services

Via Marlin Biopurification, a service centre at TU Delft, we provide professional services on high-throughput screening (HTS), purification process development and characterization. 

Hybrid HTPD Explained

Interview Marcel Ottens on HTPD at the BioProcess International Conference, Prague, CZ, 2014

Extended Video Abstract of Nfor, et al, Multi-Dimensional Fractionation and Characterization of Crude Protein Mixtures: Toward Establishment of a Database of Protein Purification Process Development Parameters, Biotechnology & Bioengineering, 109(12), 2012 

Chip Technology

On-chip chromatography and particle & cell handling. Hoon, et all, Programmable v-type valve for cell and particle manipulation in microfluidic devices, Lab Chip, 2016, 16, 305-311, DOI: 10.1039/C5LC01206F

Deshpande, et all, Biofunctionalization and self-interaction chromatography in PDMS microchannels, Biochemical Engineering Journal, 67, 111-119, 2012

Häusler, et all, Microfluidic diffusion coefficient measurements: The optimal H-cell, Chemical Engineering Science, 72, 45-50, 2012