EU Calculator (EUCalc)

Postdoc: Farahnaz Pashaei

The EUCalc project will deliver a much needed comprehensive framework for research, business, and decision making which enables an appraisal of synergies and trade-offs of feasible decarburization pathways on the national scale of Europe and its member countries + Switzerland. EUCalc explores decisions made in different sectors, like power generation, transport, industry, agriculture, energy usage and lifestyles in terms of climatological, societal, and economic consequences. EUCalc will enable to address EU sustainability challenges in a pragmatic way without compromising on scientific rigor. Finally, the pathways and political decision steering societies towards a low-carbon and sustainable Europe will cause effects across our European civilization and therefore politicians have to convince people.

Consequently, the European Calculator considers the "socio-economic and environmental implications of deep decarburization, including the consequences for supply chains and production of goods (e.g. agriculture, industry, feedstock, raw material availability) and the impacts on various social groups. In particular our group provides insights into these socio-economic issues of sustainability