About the department

Our ambition is to be leading in science that involves both chemistry and engineering, both molecule design and device design.

The department of chemical engineering aspires to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge in our discipline, and to shape that discipline as we do so. Our discipline is the art-turned-science of converting molecular understanding into products and processes that benefit mankind, using a healthy dose of chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology and material science whenever that is called for. Our profession, then, is eclectic by design and united by a synthetic objective. We aim for the highest quality standards in teaching and research. We have a rich heritage of over 125 years, in which we have seen our profession take shape and continuously evolve. In our department we strive for an optimum mix of diversity in background, talents, and skills at all levels to aid in flexibility, creativity, and overall efficiency of operation of the department.


We develop solutions for societal problems, leveraging our broad expertise in chemical engineering, chemistry, physics and materials science. We harness our scientific curiosity to define emerging fundamental questions and educate future leaders in the field of chemical engineering.


Chemical Engineering PhD Council

PhD students are an integral part of Chemical Engineering at TU Delft, working in different groups of the department. Considering the variety of the PhD body, a ChemE PhD Council has been instated as an intermediary body to the TNW Council to act as the voice of doctoral candidates in the department.

What we do

  • Regularly collect information of PhD related issues within ChemE.
  • Act as a communication channel for these issues to the TNW PhD Council, the Head of the Department and other relevant organizations in the faculty.
  • Serve as an information point for the ChemE PhDs.
  • Organize events to promote communication within the department, such as PhD lunch.


Our attempt is always to have at least 1 representative from each research group to ensure we reach the entire ChemE PhD student body effectively. Below you can find the current members.


Anand Raja


Sven Weerdenburg


Adarsh Kalikadien


Hugo Pieter Iglesias van Montfort


Jasmeen Nespoli


Sophie de Boer


Christel Koopman

Get in touch

Send an email to PhDCouncil-ChemE@tudelft.nl and reach out to current members.


Faculty Graduate School meets ChemE

The ChemE PhD council invites you to a discussion session with the Faculty Graduate School of Applied Sciences. This event gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions and ask questions about the doctoral education programme. Joining us will be Ans van Schaik and Pascale Daran-Lapujade, who are happy to answer our questions and to discuss any graduate school or PhD trajectory related topic.

To make this discussion go smoothly, we ask you to send your questions or topics that you would like to have discussed by replying to this email before Wednesday 29-12-2023.

Event Details
Date: Wednesday 06-12-2023
Time: 13:30-14:30
Location: Faculty Room (E1.020), building 58 (TNW-Zuid/AS)
For inquiries, please reach out to the ChemE PhD council.

We hope to see you all there!