November 20, 2019

Industrial Catalysis Lab (ICL) opening symposium & Atsushi Urakawa's Inaugural Speech

TU Delft – Building 58

Van der Maasweg 9

2629 HZ  Delft

Wifi access SSID: Opening ICL

Password: Tudelft2019


2nd floor, Franklin/Waterman lecture rooms, A2.050 and A2.110



9:30       Coffee

10:00     Opening and welcome

10:30     Robbie Venderbosch , BTG Biomass Technology Group B.V.

              Petro- and electro-chemistry for biomass

11:00     Peter van den Brink, Shell Global Solutions

              Industrial Catalysis: Nanomaterials working under pressure for

              Grand Applications

11:30     Guenter Schmid, Siemens

              Renewable Synthesis of chemical Feedstock and Specialties

              employing Low Temperature Electro-chemical Reduction of CO2


12:00     Official opening of ICL by Lucas van Vliet, Dean, Applied Sciences

                TU Delft – Building 67

                Kluyverweg 4

                2629 HT  Delft  

12:30     Lunch in building 67 and tour of ICL (+ the labs of Catalysis Engineering

               group) for those who are interested


15:00     Inaugural lecture by Atsushi Urakawa at TU Delft Aula

              Catalysing Innovation and Sustainability


Registration is closed.