Bart van der Linden

Technical Support

Together with Harrie Jansma, Liliana Baron and Willy Rook, I am one of the 4 technicians of the section Catalysis Engineering (CE).

It is my job to make sure the scientists (PhD-students, postdocs and Msc-and Bsc-students) can do top research. Advice is not only given on how to build, construct or modify setups. As a research assistant I will go into detail to perform the best experiments.

The technicians also have a lot of contact with the TU Delft department workshop (Demo), the facilities (FMVG), LMS, the Department Safety Officer (DSO) and with other technicians in the DCT-building.

The following setups are my direct responsibility: 

  • Multitrack / TAP
  • Spectroscopy (FTIR, Raman, UV)
  • TGA
  • TPR /TPD /TPO temperature programmed technique
  • Vacuum-technique
  • Mass-spectrometry

With most of the other setups I can also help (and otherwise one of the other technicians can help).

Area Supervision

  • Deputy Area supervisor of E2-190 CE-Lab and E2-530 Spectroscopy Lab.

Teaching Activities

  • Assistant LO practicum and Msc / Bsc Projects

 Followed Courses

  • Summerschool Spectrocat Caen (2010)
  • Safe working with gascylinders (2004)
  • FTIR introductie cursus (2003)
  • Swagelok Tubing Course (1999)

Research Activities

Several research projects have been done in the field of spectroscopy and mass-spectrometry. This leads as a co-author to the latest publications and so far in 2018 1000 citations. 

  1. Santos, V. P., Borgers, L., Sartipi, S., Linden, B. van der, Dugulan, I., Chojecki, A., Davidian, T., Ruitenbeek, M., Meima, G. R., Kapteijn, F., Makkee, M., Gascon, J. High-temperature Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over FeTi mixed oxide model catalysts: Tailoring activity and stability by varying the Ti/Fe ratio
    Appl.Catal.A: Gen. 2017, 533, 38-48.
  2. Nasalevich, M. A., Hendon, C. H., Garcia-Santaclara, J., Svane, K., Linden, B. van der, Veber, S. L., Fedin, M. V., Houtepen, A. J., Veen, M. A. van der, Kapteijn, F., Walsh, A., Gascon, J. Electronic origins of photocatalytic activity in do metal organic frameworks
    Scientific Reports 2016 , 6, 1-9.
  3. Piumetti, M., Linden, B. van der, Makkee, M., Miceli, P., Fino, D, Russo, N., Bensaid, S. Contact dynamics for a solid-solid reaction mediated by gas-phase oxygen: Study on the soot oxidation over ceria-based catalysts
    Appl.Catal.B: Env. 2016 , 199, 96-107.

Additional information 

  • Member of the TAWN (Thermische Analyse Werkgroep Nederland)
  • Member of the IRDG (Infrarood & Raman Discussie Groep)