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Courses that PPE group members teach:

Multiphase Reactor Engineering
MSc, Q3

Thermodchemistry of Biomass Conversion
MSc, Q2

Nanoparticle Technology
MSc, Q3

Applied Transport Phenomena (MSc, CH3052)
Duurzame Ontwikkeling en Kringlopen (BSc, 4051DUKRIY)
Energy from Biomass (MSc, SET3041)
Milieu, Veiligheid en Maatschappij (BSc, 4052MIVEMY)
Molecular Transport Phenomena (MSc, CH3151)
Multiphase Reactor Engineering (MSc, CH3062)
Product & Process Design (MSc, CH3804)
Process Technology II (BSc, Reaction Engineering MSTPT2) (see LeidenUniv Blackboard for more information)
Reactors & Kinetics (MSc, CH3681)
Scale up, Scale down (MSc, CH3181)
Transportverschijnselen in levende systemen (BSc, LB2532)
Practicum Basisvaardigheden (BSc, 4051PRBVAY)
Leren Onderzoeken 1 (BSc, 4051LEON1Y)
Leren Onderzoeken 2 (BSc, 4052SLEONY)
Leren Onderzoeken 3 (BSc, 4052TLEO3Y)
Procestechnologie 1 (BSc, 4051PRTE1Y)
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