Extraction of medical radioisotope

Radio-imaging and radiotherapy using labelled isotopes are extremely important for numerous medical applications, including but not limited to detection of cancer and its treatment. However, obtaining them in fast and efficient manner is still an issue due to their desirable yet challenging short half-life.

(Martini et al., 2019)
This project is in collaboration with Reactor Instituut Delft, and investigates the use of microfluidic and atomic layer deposition to enhance the separation process, thus enabling on-demand production of isotopes in hospital and/or integrated process in centralized facility. At the end of the project, the successful produced system would then be tested in facility.

Student project (MSc / BSc)

Depending on the interest of the students and the progress of the project, BEP and MEP are available with focus on various part of the projects including the study of atomic layer deposition on specified materials, of performance of the coatings, of microfluidic fluid profile, of extraction behaviour of (model) isotopes, or a broad combination of them. The project could be experimental, design, or modelling, and would be tailored to the idea of the student and the availability of the situation (e.g. measures with regards to Covid 19). Interested student could reach a.santoso@tudelft.nl for further inquiry.


Albert was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. After completing his BSc in Bioprocess Engineering and MSc in Chemical Engineering at Universitas Indonesia (Cum Laude) with final project in utilization of microalgae for carbon capture and biofuel, he continued with his Professional Doctorate in Engineering at TU Delft where he conducted a one-year research in designing new infant formula at FrieslandCampina under ISPT. After obtaining his PDEng degree, he became a tech-transfer engineer at Pfizer (BE), then an R&D manager at a start-up, Peelpioneers (NL), working in food/pharma-grade valorisation of citrus peels. Currently he is doing PhD under supervision of Ruud van Ommen and Volkert van Steijn. 

Albert Santoso

PhD candidate