Urakawa group

We belong to Catalysis Engineering at Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Applied SciencesTU Delft.

We develop novel heterogeneous catalysts and catalytic processes with the aim to minimize the energy usage and negative impacts of such processes on natural environment and human health while achieving high product yield and selectivity. We take a multi-disciplinary approach based on material science, reaction engineering and in situ / operando methodologies to gain solid comprehension of the active sites and the transformation pathways. Currently our major focuses are given to the conversion of CO2 to valuable chemicals, methane activation, environmental catalysis (NOx abatement) and also to the production of hydrogen, the important molecule for CO2 reduction. Also, powerful in situ / operando spectroscopic tools for studying solid materials and gas-solid and solid-liquid interfaces are being developed and applied to shed light on catalytic reaction mechanisms, especially on the reactor scale.


Under construction
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