Dr. Atul Bansode

Assistant Professor

Atul’s work is focused on high pressure (500 bar) chemistry and instrumentation. His research combines multiple areas of science such as chemistry, mechanical, electronics and programming to create world class advanced instrumentation and innovative processes in catalysis with special emphasize on developing high pressure and high-throughput catalytic systems as well as in-situ/operando tools. The active areas of his research interest are renewable hydrogen production, CO2/biomass conversion, syngas/hydrocarbon processing.

Academic background

Atul received a master’s degree in Physical Chemistry from University of Pune (India). After masters, he briefly worked at National Chemical Laboratory (India) on water-gas shift, auto thermal, partial oxidation and steam reforming reactions. In 2008, he moved to The Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd(India) where he contributed to industrially important heterogeneous catalytic processes in the area of alternative and renewable energy programs. In 2010 he joined ICIQ (Spain) to pursue his PhD studies with Prof. Atsushi Urakawa. His PhD work was focused on the development of high pressure catalytic CO2 conversion processes as well as innovative spectroscopic tools for in situ/operando studies. Upon completion of PhD in early 2014, he continued his work in high pressure catalysis at ICIQ as a Senior Scientist. In 2019 he moved to TUDelft in the newly inaugurated high pressure Industrial Catalysis Lab (ICL) and starting from Feb. 2021, he is an assistant professor at the Catalysis Engineering section.


Industrial catalysis & Instrumentation
High pressure & High throughput systems