Dr. hab. Eduardo Mendes

Associate Professor

Eduardo Mendes' research focusses on "Functional Soft Matter” and it encompasses fundamental and application aspects. Mainly working with gels and self-assembled molecules, he makes use of micro fabrication, microfluidics and 3D printing techniques to formulate new responsive / functional / soft materials. Studies spam from magneto or light responsive micro-structured surfaces to drug nano carriers, tissue engineering and lab-on-a-chip virus detection. His research group is embedded in a large network and many interdisciplinary projects are carried out in cooperation with chemist and biologist colleagues, on campus and abroad.

Academic background

Eduardo Mendes has a background in physics and received a PhD in France on polymer gels. After a few years at Ecole de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris (ParisTech) as CNRS fellow, he moved to the Laboratoire des Fluides Complexes, another CNRS research unit at Strasbourg University. Later, he obtained a “Habilitation à diriger des recherches” (hab.). He is at TU Delft since 2003 where he holds an Associate Professor position.

In 2014 he was at Cornell University as a visiting professor.


Soft Matter