Student projects

We regularly have projects for BSc and MSc students on a variety of subjects. These projects can be experimental or theoretical, or sometimes also a combination of both. Below are some projects for which we would currently like to recruit students. This list of project is not always up-to-date, so feel free to contact us to get informed about all current possibilities.

MSc-project: Designing functionality in 2D perovskites

Daily supervisor: MarĂ­a C. GĂ©lvez-Rueda

2D perovskites are very interesting materials due to their improved moisture stability, intriguing optical properties and the high tunability of their chemical and physical properties. However, the organic compound in between the inorganic [PbI6]-1 octahedrals sheets does not play an active role in the charge carrier transport. In this project we aim to give functionality to the organic compound using strong acceptor or donor organic molecules. [Full description].

MSc-project: Revealing the excitonic nature of 2D perovskites

Daily supervisor: MarĂ­a C. GĂ©lvez-Rueda

Recently, layered 2D perovskites have gained significant attention because of their improved moisture stability and intriguing optical properties. An interesting feature of 2D hybrid perovskites is the high tunability of their chemical and physical properties.The aim of this project is to study the charge and excited state dynamics in order to reveal the nature of excited states in 2D perovskites. This knowledge will give us a unique insight into the properties of 2D perovskites in order to optimize/design these materials for specific applications.[Full description].