The group is responsible for a variety of courses in the BSc program Molecular Science and Technology and the MSc program Chemical Engineering. 

BSc course: Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineers (4052NUMTEY)

Numerical Methods ("Numerieke Technieken") is a mandatory for the technology track of the BSc program Molecular Science and Technology. The course focusses on the solution of complex problems in chemistry and chemical engineering using numerical methods on a computer. Students learn the basics programming in Python and to implement specific algorithms and numerical methods. Subject that are treated include:

  1. Data analysis, curve fitting  and plotting data
  2. Vectors, matrices and linear systems
  3. Integration, differentiation and nonlinear systems
  4. Ordinary differential equations
  5. Partial differential equations
  6. Monte Carlo methods

The course manual for this course can be found here.

MSc course: Computational Materials Science (CH3672)

MSc course: Scientific Writing and Argumentation (AS3121)