Debashish Sarker


Debasish Sarker received his M.Sc. (2011) in Mechanical Engineering from Pusan National University, Republic of Korea. He then worked as a guest scientist (Sep. 2013-Aug. 2014)  and a doctoral researcher (Sep. 2014-Aug.2018) at the Institute of Fluid Dynamics, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany on the bubble dynamics during subcooled nucleate boiling. On June 2019, he joined the Faculty of Applied Sciences (TNW), TU Delft as a postdoctoral researcher. His current research is concerned with the interplay between hydrodynamics and mass transfer in bubbly flow.


  • Multiphase flow dynamics
  • Nucleate boiling
  • Liquid-gas phase change
  • Imaging techniques

Debashish Sarker

  • TU Delft / Transport Phenomena (TP)

    Faculty of Applied Sciences, Dept. of Chemical Engineering

    Van der Maasweg 9

    2629 HZ Delft

    Office F2.090