March 2019

You can read our latest paper, the first review on rotational dynamics of linkers in metal-organic frameworks in Nanomaterials

A closer look on this phenomenon reveals that rotational mobility in MOFs is a widespread phenomenon with clear consequences for adsorption and separation of molecules, as well as for optical and mechanical properties.

4th of December 2018

Monique van der Veen is awarded the NWO Athena Prize at Chains 2018

September 2018

A new group of Bachelor, Master and Exchange Students joined our group. Welcome Quentin, Leonid, Maria and Chaitanya!

24th of August 2018

Our paper on a new method to probe dynamic processes of materials in solution got published in Nature Communications. We developed the method together with our collaborators at the University of Leuven. The method allows for fast acquisition times of nonlinear scattered light at multiple scattering angles and polarisation combinations. This is achieved through Fourier imaging. This allows us to follow the crystal growth of the metal organic framework ZIF-8 in solution. The angle dependence of the signal provides insight into the growth mechanism by probing the evolution of size, shape and concentration, while polarization analysis yields structural infor- mation in terms of point group symmetry. Our findings highlight the potential of dynamic angle-resolved harmonic light scattering to probe crystal growth processes, assembly–disassembly of biological systems, adsorption, transport through membranes and myriad other applications.

Nature Communications 2018(9): 3418

August 2018

Max Bailey defended his Honours Project successfully. Congratulations, Max!

9th of July 2018

Srinidhi Mula joined the group as a PhD student. She'll be modelling the piezo- and ferroelectric properties of metal-organic frameworks.

6th of July 2018

The previous two weeks, the group's bachelor students defended their bachelor thesis successfully!

Emma Bos: The mechanism and structure of Cobalt caged in metal-organic frameworks for photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution 

Ruben Hortensius: Synthesis of polystyrene in NO2-MIL-125 and a study of its dynamics

Cees Breevaart: Reliable measurement and comparison of photocatalytic activity.

Well done!

1rst of May 2018

Davide Rega and Max Bailey joined the group as PhD students and Honours Master student respectively. Welcome Davide and Max!

12-19th of April 2018

The group is doing experiments at the Swiss Light Source (synchrotron facility).

Group picture

At the Schnitzeria

1rst of March 2018

Stefano Canossa joined the group as a postdoc. He'll study the synthesis and structure of metal-organic frameworks.