Davide Rega

Davide is a PhD candidate working on Metal-Organic Frameworks for piezoelectric and ferroelectric applications. In 2018, he graduated at Milan’s Politecnico in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology. His Master thesis regarded the synthesis and the characterization of organic molecules for the passivation of perovskite solar cells. Davide was also part of the Politecnico’s Honours Programme “Engineering for Sustainable Development”, which implied additional courses of Energy Modelling and Development Economics, as well as the development of a Life Cycle Assessment study for the thesis. Thus, the basis of his work is a multidisciplinary approach, and the aim of looking at all the issues from a 360° point of view.

Davide Rega

  • d.rega@tudelft.nl
  • Building 58

    Room E2.220

    Van der Maasweg 9

    2629HZ Delft

    the Netherlands