Makkee Group Michiel Makkee graduated in Chemical Engineering with a specialisation in Organic Chemistry (1980) and received his PhD in Organic Chemistry, Biotechnology and Catalysis (1984) both at the TU Delft in the Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

He is the inventor of the process intensification by the combination of enzymatic conversion and heterogeneous hydrogenation in a one pot approach.

He joined Exxon Chemicals (1984) and was active in zeolite catalysis, reforming, alkylation, selective hydrogenation, crystallisation, zeolitic membranes for separation, process evaluation, and laboratory and pilot plant safety, including Industrial Hygiene. 

In 1990 he was nominated as associate professor in the group of Industrial Catalysis (headed by Prof.Dr. Jacob A. Moulijn/ Prof.Dr. Freek Kapteijn/Prof.Dr. Atsushi Urakawa) and a parttime professor Sustainable Process Development (Politechnico di Torino, Italy). 

(Co)author of > 260 peer reviewed articles (around 11.500 citations, H-factor of ~ 60).

(Co)inventor of > 25 patents and patent applications.

(Co)promotor of > 25 PhD candidates.

Book: Chemical Process Technology by J.A. Moulijn, M. Makkee and A.E. van Diepen (1st and 2nd edition > 10.000 copies) ISNB 978-1-444-32025-1.

Michiel Makkee retired on June 20, 2020

Michiel Makkee

Associate professor in catalysis engineering