Hicham Saaid


  • PhD student at Ghent University, Belgium
  • MSc, Biomedical engineering, Biomechanics, Polytechnic of Turin, Italy
  • BSc, Biomedical engineering, Polytechnic of Turin, Italy 


Research interests:

  • Biofluid Dynamics: Left ventricle, prosthetic heart valves

  • Particle image velocimetry techniques: High-speed stereoscopic PIV and Tomographic PIV


Research Topic:

3D Experimental Blood Flow dynamics in a Left Ventricle model

Schematic sketch of High-speed tomographic PIV setup combined with left ventricle phantom. On the right, flow visualization of fluorescent particles within a left ventricle membrane.

MSc. Hicham Saaid

external PhD candidate

  • hicham.saaid@ugent.be
  • Ghent University – IbiTech

    Campus UZ, De Pintelaan 185, block B (ingang 36)

    9000 Ghent, Belgium